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April 15, 2014

#Southerncharm on Bravo

Break from the Normal

I miss the #SouthenCharm of the south and thanks to @Sverve and @Bravo I don’t have to miss it too much.  Monday night I will be watching more of the show called Southern Charm. The age rage of the people on this show is one of the many things I love to watch. From food to the drinks- it all takes me back I want to go visit Charleston now to see if it is different and expose my husband to it. Not in a bad way but to show him California is not the ONLY place to vacation.

#SouthernCharm premiered last march and you can currently find it on Bravo on Mondays 10/9 central.

Bravo did a worthy job of mixing up fun and reality shows. If you have not discovered this channel yet, then you need to look for it on your tv guide app that I know you have on your phone….go on…..I will wait…..
What made this show stand out to me and made me want to watch this was that this show has a more grown men to women ratio. What made all of these people connected was that they all where still trying to figure out what they want to do with the lives they lead also, dude drama is something new to me and I kind of like it. This is how the cast came across to me.

Thomas does not look like the kind of person to do coke; he looks like the guy who just got caught with it on him. Looks can be deceiving I guess… He is a 50 year old that knows what he wants but seems a little brain washed by a younger group.  He looks like someone I could totally have an enjoyable southern experience with at any moment. When he is not drinking.

Shep is a little into himself.  He just seems like a chill dude who knows he looks good. He likes challenges but does not want to put the time in and complete it. 

Whitney has a different look. I want to see if his visions of opening a restaurant come true.  He is a cleaver man. I have not heard the term “ “stabbin cabin” in a long time. I didn’t think people even used that phrase any more.

 Whitneys mother is a seasoned southerner who likes to sit back, watch, and voice what is on her mind when she sees something going OR going to go wrong. She drinks all day..or what seems all day. 

Craig is all about a “bro code” that dose not exists between him and Shep. I think he has a great personality and can get some important thing done. I would want him on my side for sure. 

JD: Family man all the way. I feel that I could go and visit, feel welcomed  and have dinner with him and his family . He just wants the best for his friends.

Cameran seems like a momma hen.  I think she will do a great job in real estate because he has a great attidude about getting her foot in the door. I hope we get to see her first sale.

Jenna just seems like a super fun little southern bell finding her way into the fashion world. Adventure must be a part of her life, she looks so happy.

I wonder if any of the cast members had a hard time from their family’s for doing this show. Would the family roll over in the grave? Would they tarnish the last name or if they would be the laughing stock of  Charleston? These are some great questions that I may never get answers too, but I have a feeling that if I watch more of the show and follow the cast members more, I can find this out. 

If you watch this show let me know what you think about it, who do you relate to? Why? Who is your favorate so far? Do you think you could survive in the south? Will you be watching on Monday?  
 Big Thanks to #SouthernCharm and #Sverve for the chance to try my hand at a T. V show review. I will hope to volunteer my time again. 

April 7, 2014

It is Break Time

Hello Readers,

I just wanted to give you a heads up that I will be taking a break from blogging for a while.  As you all can see that I went from maybe 10 posts to 3. I just started to lose the time to write. When spring comes I feel the need to reorganize the house and start the garden. That takes a lot of my time, and with that I will be working on posts but I don’t think I will be posting.

 I started this blog as a hobby and sometime in the last year I added ADDS to my blog to produce income.  That is not what I have ever intended. I think I need to back away and reevaluate my blog and its direction.  I am sure that this happens to people.

Thank you for reading this post and any other posts up to this point.

If you have any tips for me or any companies you think I should check out, Please feel free to comment and let me know.

Thank you
Deedra the Lady of At My Counter

March 20, 2014

Health on the Net

The Weight Watchers Research

I am sitting here thinking about joining weight watchers. I got on the web site and I looked around for a bit. I guess the first decision I need to make is to either do this online, or go to meetings. Right now they have a deal that ends on Saturday so I feel that I need to make up my mind soon. Not to say they wont have another deal after this one so the RUSH to join needs to disappear.

The website says that I can still eat all the food I like, but my question is What about my growing family- they don’t need to loose weight so will they be able to eat the same things I do?

They have meeting by the house at a church by my house. I can either do it Am or PM and I think Saturdays are best for me. It looks like I can do them in the morning at 11:30.  Will I make those meetings when I have to go work for the man?
I like the idea of going to meetings. I will make new friends and learn health tips that maybe I can pass on to my friends.  I like the idea of making new friends.

If I do it online I think it will just be easier to forget it, not do it and just put if off to the side. If I go to meetings I will have more support.  Do the apps come with both programs?

The price is something that is a little nerve racking. 42.95 a month. I would have to save 11.00 a week out of my pay check to pay for it. It gives me meetings any time I want, it includes e tools and it is easy to cancel.

This is what the website says about me “Your Body Mass Index, or BMI, is above a healthy range of 20-25, in the obese category. A BMI in this range also means you're above Weight Watchers healthy weight range of 117-146 lb. Losing weight could reduce your risk of  health problems, and may improve your overall sense of well-being.”   I don’t think I can remember ever being 146 pounds.  I bet it would be nice to be under 200 pounds like I am now.  I have some how stayed this same weight for over 2 years and the flux between size 16 and 18. I remember being 14 to 16 and I felt healthy- er.

I am reading some of the blogs they have on the weight watchers website and it says something about points… Do I have to count or manage points? It looks like everything they show on the website is good to eat, things I like to eat.  I remember seeing items at the store that had the weight watcher logo on it. I think I will have to go take a look at them again when I go to the store.

I understand that this would be a investment in my health.  I just am not 100% sure that paying that much money a month RIGHT NOW is a good thing. I feel like that is a want and not a need. Or is it a need?  I am going to so see what my insurance as to offer me, they may have free programs like this and meetings. I now know more research for this is something I need to do. Have you or any one you know tried weight watchers? What kind of feedback did they give you?  I would live to know the good AND the bad if you have this information please share it with me. 

March 4, 2014

Dinner Challenge # 3

Grandma's Best Casserole |

I will admit that after a while casseroles get boring and I am starting not to like making or eating them. they just seem like a big blob of slop to me after a week. I did take a break and went back to the boring menu I had before I made up this challenge, just to mix it up a little.

The Grandma’s best casserole made casserole a little interesting to me only because it called for spaghetti noodles and not the regular egg noodle. This is what this casserole looked like from the Mr. Food Web site:

This was the last one I made before I went back to the old menu. The family enjoyed it and went back for seconds. I had to make ( like always) two casserole dishes because of my large family and because of that we end up with left overs. As much as I don’t like left overs, it comes in handy for two reasons.

#1 It is available for my lunch the next day and sometimes Khole will have some with me and sometimes she wont but the boys will eat it when they get home from school to tide them over until dinner.

#2 If I have enough food from the past week in left over form, I will make it a free for all night, take everything out of the fridge and put it out on the counter. Sometimes everyone gets a little of everything and sometimes they just get the one they liked the most. What ever is left and on one wants to eat it goes in the trash and we move on.

I dig the free for all nights..

This is what you will need :

My husband was very happy that I used real bacon and not bacon bits. He did not like them in that ONE WRAP. He says that bits don’t have the same taste. I kind of agree, do you? 

My take away on this dish is that It was easy, my family did like it because it was different from the other casseroles and it was a different take on spaghetti. I had left over onion from another dish and I ended up using two cans of the condensed cheddar soup. when I mixed it up, the casserole looked dry.  Here is how mine turned out:

If you are interested I have this, and many others, in my Pinterest board Food. I would love it if you would connect with me so that I could follow your boards. I pin a lot before I go to bed. I just love this site.

Deedra007 <— Link to my pins. 

***I was not given any free products or samples. I purchased everything with my own money. I am under no obligation to receive any samples or talk about the companies. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.

February 23, 2014

Dinner Challenge # 28

Slow Cooker Beef Tips |

The slow cooker beef tips are  #28 on the Mr. Food 100 for 2013.  My family has loved everything that has come out of my crockpot and I think they are going to love this too. Here is what you will need to make this delightful meal. 

NOTE:  Easier if you thaw out the meat the night before. I talked about it- just didn’t get it out so my dinner was slightly late because I had to wait for it to thaw. That was a bummer.

I felt unusual opening a new bottle of red wine at 9 a.m. in the morning then pouring it into a measuring cup. I set the cup of wine down next to my coffee cup and not even thinking about it, I picked up the wine and not my coffee. I got it all the way to my lips before I realized it was not my coffee. That was a shock- not what I was expecting but it made me laugh at myself.

I did not make this my main dish, I was going to make cornbread to that I could lay the beef tip mixture over it, but I went to go get my taxes done with an appointment time of 4:30 and waited for 2 hours. We left with out our taxes being done so I was a little mad. It is never a good idea to cook mad. 

With that being said I made white rice and just scooped the mixture over the rice.  The smell from my kitchen is so nice. I started this at 9 a.m. and when I came home from that hot mess the house smelled amazing. The reason I love to use my crock-pot is that it is so easy just to put everything in, mix it up, and relax.
This is how mine came out: 

My take away for the Slow cooker Beef tips dish is that it is a great meal, very easy to prep and was packed with flavor. I would make this again but next time I will make it more like a stew and add carrots with the small red potatoes. 

The next day as a left over lunch for myself I shredded colby cheese over the top and heated it to melt the cheese. I wish I would have added it cheese to it the night before, the cheese gave it a added texture and a hint of creaminess.

I saved this recipe and others on my pin board called food. If you like click on over and follow me and see what else I have discovered.

***I was not given any free products or samples. I bought everything with my own money. I am under no obligation to receive any samples or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the products or company’s.